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About Us

We began 5 years ago with a passion for creating thoughtful and personalized gifts for our friends. These gifts consisted of a stuffed animal like teddy bear. Our gift packages grew in popularity and we began receiving special request with teddy bears being the animal of choice.

Over time, we felt that features like gender selection, size variance and color options were lacking in the teddy bear industry. This prompted us to start our very own extensive collection of personalized bears in unlimited designs and textures. By adding the qualities that were so popular with our original premium gift boxes; free gift, personalized notes and other warm details, we instantly set ourselves apart from the many teddy bear industry brands out there.

Our vision has always been to provide special made gifts that express fondness and friendship. We want everyone to experience the warmth and kindness that is felt with a soft cuddly stuffed bear. *Every teddy has a story*


The name Oppa Bear is synonymous with the language and sentiments that only teddy bear lovers can express. Surprise delivery services collaborating with Oppa Bear are known for their dedication and goodwill. Oppa Bear is not only an online teddy bear platform brand – but it strives to be the most sophisticated brand with the greatest value.


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